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These online courses are for two kinds of people: 1) those who would like to obtain or to complete in part their certification in Biblical counseling, or 2) those seeking excellent resources for maturing your Spiritual life or improving your ministry effectiveness.  All four of our certified online courses plus an optional Exam Class are available to help you complete the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors (ACBC) training. Both our center and its training are certified by ACBC.


  • Meets seminar requirements needed for ACBC (formerly NANC) and IABC Certification allowing you to complete certification completely online.
  • Includes five separate seminars: Change That Sticks, Transformed by Truth, Marriage & Family Counseling and Contemporary Issues, A.C.B.C Exam Class (i.e. The Essentials in Biblical Counseling)
  • Includes two different class formats: 1) Self-paced with some interaction with certified instructors, or 2) Scheduled with optional class discussions for increased interaction with certified instructor
  • Includes five digital manuals (700 pages total with over 120 Hours of Instruction)
  • Covers both the methodology and theology of biblical counseling extensively and a 50 plus different counseling issues: anger, depression, anxiety, guilt, bitterness, ADD/ADHD, bipolar, marriage, parenting, singleness, divorce, eating disorders, addictions, etc.


In 2003 the Lowcountry Biblical Counseling Center was birthed to serve pastors, churches and people with biblical counseling, training & resources. LCBCC now has five counselors and several team counselors but our mission is unique. We don’t replace the ministry of local churches; we rather equip and mobilize them for the ministry of counseling Biblically. Our conviction is that counseling is truly intense discipleship, a ministry of the Word of God given to the local church by Christ Himself. LCBCC assists local pastors and churches to fulfill this commission by training lay leaders, by helping with the counseling load, and by providing the Biblical resources and tools to help those being trained to counsel effectively.

PHILOSOPHY OF CHANGE  (From our Director)

Biblical transformation is more than behavior modification and even more than merely changing your “stinkin thinkin”.  It is about changing who or what is your God.  I have found that the people are empowered to stand amazed at the mighty deeds and glorious characteristics of the God of the Bible in the middle of their problems, the more they are enabled by the Spirit of God to be motivated in divine changes that the world can not know. 2 Corinthians 3:18 says that Christians have the ability by the help of the Spirit of God to more fully comprehend the realities of God in Christ. As a result they have the ability to be transformed more fully into the image of Christ.  As eyes are opened and hearts are enlightened to the person, promises, perspectives and principles of God through the ministry of the Word of God, a hunger for holiness increases, a faith that fans the flames of hope and persevere increases, and a love and humility for God and others increases.  These new core values that emerge allow new habits to be developed that were never possible apart from a new understanding of God and His glory.  This is true, satisfying, biblical transformation.

If you are interested in learning more about this type of change, sign up for one or all of our four certified online or live courses - or take the preview class.  I believe you will discover what so many others have already experienced. There is a superior power and wisdom at work in true Biblical counseling that is distinct from secular counseling and distinct from what is often termed Christian counseling in our day.

Nothing without Him,

Tim Bryant

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